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What a long, strange year we had. It was probably not at all what you expected, and it hasn’t been pretty. But at the same time, this experience has revealed that you are able to face challenges, adapt to new systems, and show flexibility. Lockdowns may even have given you the time to start a new hobby, think about your life, and consider your dreams. Thankfully, many people are able to return to school in person. As school welcomes you back, take a moment to reflect on the fact that in-person contact with friends, people like you and some very different from you, is not something to take for granted. It is now time to get excited about your career choices, and how you can begin to create a better future. You may not know exactly what you want to do next, and that’s fine, but you should start thinking about the impact you want to have on the world. It’s time to start looking forward to the opportunities ahead, and planning how to get there. Maybe college or university is now just a year or two away, and that means it’s time to consider what’s important to you. Are you an athlete, a performer, or a future entrepreneur? What are your goals, hopes, and dreams? Which country do you want to study in? Start researching different options to find out which pathway is best for you. The more you think about your needs and goals, the more likely you are to have a great experience in this next stage of your education. Don’t confine your search to only the big “brand names”. An institution you’ve never heard of may be a perfect match for your interests, personality, and goals. And, it may be easier to get into. But well known universities got that way for a reason. Don’t think that just because they’re famous you have no chance of admission. Thousands of colleges and universities around the world are looking for students like you. Stretch your horizons and take some chances with your list. Some of them are here in MaiaZine. See what they offer. Then find them on the MaiaLearning University Search page to learn as much as you can. Welcome Back! Photo: University of Otago Registry Building in Dunedin, New Zealand

Destination: United Kingdom Have you ever thought about studying in the UK? It’s world renowned for its quality of teaching and research. UK universities offer a huge range of interesting degree subjects that you may never have thought of studying. BY LEANDA AT MAIALEARNING UK universities offer thousands of courses from aerospace engineering to zoology. In the UK there is a course for everyone. You could jump straight into law (yes - you can study law as an undergraduate major in the UK) or study musical theater at a conservatoire. What better place to study English Literature or Anglo-Saxon & Celtic Languages? Prefer to study ethical hacking and cybersecurity? Then you can. Oxford is the oldest university in the Englishspeaking world, and Cambridge started in the 1200’s. There are also four Ancient universities in Scotland. Universities like Manchester, UCL, Durham, Aberystwyth, and King’s College London started in the 1800s. I guess this means they have learned a thing or two about teaching and world-changing research. This history set the foundation for a great university system. Maybe it is something that you could be a part of too. 1. In the UK, you apply directly to your major. You will have electives, but the focus in the UK is definitely on your major. This is great if you already know what you want to study and want to dive straight into your subject. 2. Undergraduate degrees in the UK are generally three years – except for Scotland where they are generally four years. Depending on the course and qualifications you apply with, you may be able to reach your goals faster. 3. It is a relatively simple application system. In the UK, students normally apply via UCAS - the centralized undergraduate admissions service. This means you complete one application that is then sent on to the five courses you choose. That’s right, the UK limits you to five choices! It encourages student to make good Five facts about the UK system choices. UCAS.com is a fantastic resource that covers everything you need to know about applications to the UK. 4. You can be quite independent. It is normal for UK students to cook and clean for themselves. It is also normal to live off campus with friends - especially after your first year. In the UK, you won’t get a lot of graded homework that teachers follow up on; you are more likely to get a few larger assignments, and have to manage your time well. 5. After passing your course, you are allowed to apply for a Graduate Visa. This is a two year work visa. You don’t need a sponsor, or even need to have a job to apply. If this sounds good to you, then maybe you should join more than 500,000 other international students there. Look up options in the University Search Page in MaiaLearning.

Bournemouth University I chose Bournemouth University in the UK because of the quality of the teaching, the highly qualified lecturers and the enormous amount of help offered to international students. The 11-hour journey from California was all worth it once I stepped foot in this beautiful town. In a place like this, your next adventure is always around the corner. Destiny - BSc Psychology Find your at Bournemouth University difference degree of Strong industry links and professional accreditations to enhance student employability. Top 80 BU ranked in the top 80 young universities in the world (Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2021) Top 10 in the UK for Tourism and Journalism (The Guardian University Guide 2021) 4th in the world for Animation (Animation Career Review, 2020). AACSB accredited Our Business School is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). w w w.bournemouth.ac.uk futurestudents@bournemouth.ac.uk

Bournemouth University Find your at Bournemouth University difference degree of Bournemouth University is located on the South Coast of England in an area of outstanding natural beauty, less than two hours from central London by train. w w w.bournemouth.ac.uk futurestudents@bournemouth.ac.uk 11km of award-winning sandy beaches. Green, safe, and friendly town welcoming students from 135 different countries and regions worldwide 120+ societies and Spor tBU Get ready for more than just your new degree Funding your studies You can use your US Federal Loan to study with us and may qualify for our £2,500 Academic Excellence Scholarship Subject areas • Accounting, Finance & Economics • Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science • Business & Management • Computer Animation, Games & Visual Effects • Computing & Informatics • Design & Engineering • Health & Social Care • History, Politics & Social Sciences • Journalism, English & Communication • Law • Life & Environmental Sciences • Marketing • Media, Film, TV & Music Production • Medical Sciences • Psychology • Spor t • Tourism, Hospitality & Events

Viva l'Italia Italy is well known for education. The University of Bologna is said to be the oldest continuing university in the world. It has been continuously teaching students since 1088. In fact, in Europe the “Bologna Agreement” is the name given to a set of agreements made about education in Europe in 1999. This is why Europe now has a standardized three-year bachelor degree and the European Transfer Credit system. But Italy offers more than just strong academic options delivered in Italian or English. It is a country that also offers a vibrant, laid-back, friendly lifestyle. Studying in Italy would give you the chance to experience the fabulous food, and some of the best-known cultural sites in the world. You could retrace the footsteps of Roman emperors in the ruins of the Forum in Rome or spend time looking at amazing sculptures and artwork in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Students should always check ahead of time, because many cultural sights are free for EU students of Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Conservation and some Literature courses, and many others offer student discounts whether you are EU or not. Study in Italy says around 32,000 international students live in Italy to study or on exchange. A long tradition in education may be why so many international students from around the world choose to study in this country. BY LEANDA AT MAIALEARNING


Ma k e Yo u r S umme r Ma t t e r ! Mo re i n f o a v a i l a b l e s oo n a t www. u n i bo c c o n i . e u / s umme r s c h oo l BOCCONI SUMMER SCHOOL FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS JULY 2022

SWITZERLAND Push your academic experience to new heights When people think of Switzerland they normally think of chocolate, cheese, and skiing. But it is also known for its excellent tourism and hospitality business management degrees. BY LEANDA AT MAIALEARNING The QS World Rankings puts eight of the top ten hospitality courses in Switzerland. This is partly due to the fact that people were long drawn to climbing the Swiss Alps or staying in the healthy fresh air. The Grand Tour itinerary in the 1700 and 1800s included Switzerland, and then famous people like Queen Victoria, who stayed in Lucerne in 1868, put Switzerland on the map for mass tourism. But you may be wondering why so many students still want to study hospitality management courses after all that we’ve seen with Covid. The answer is the solid business and customer service skills these degrees teach. Because running a hotel requires strong business knowledge and skill, these courses are business management courses applied through the lens of hospitality. In one of these courses you will study financial management, accounting, people management, marketing, economics, legal awareness, leadership, and many other subjects required to succeed in business. The skills learned in a hospitality business course are transferable to many different careers. This is why students who study these degrees don’t only go on to work in hospitality. In addition to having great careers in hotel operations, they also go to work in companies who are looking for employees with strong people skills and strong business skills.. Many course graduates go on to work in luxury brand marketing, retail, private banking, account management, and human resources. If you are looking for a business course, and like the idea of mixing it with a practical and applied approach, then you should consider a hospitality management course. Tips from a student studying Hospitality Business Management in Switzerland: • My move to Switzerland was smooth. Although it is a long, 16-hour journey door to door, the flight times work out very well and the flights are usually on time! • Be sure to pack for all four seasons. There is quite a range of temperatures. • Learn to cook! Restaurants in Switzerland are expensive for a student. Cooking will save you a lot and take you a long way. In fact, large dinners with friends is what a lot of students do for fun. • Take in the scenery around you. The Swiss countryside and mountains are stunning, so go on hikes and trails. Switzerland also has trains, funiculars, gondolas and cable cars to travel through the Alps. • Take advantage of being in the middle of Europe! You can travel so easily on direct trains to cities such as Paris, Milan, Munich, or Vienna. Most countries are within a 2-hour flight. • If you use public transport a lot, buy a half price card. Although it isn’t cheap, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. • Brush up on your French, Italian, or German. A little goes a long way! While the language barrier may prove difficult sometimes, there is always a way around. • Note: shops are closed on Sundays. Coming from Asia, I was shocked that a majority of supermarkets, stores and restaurants were closed on Sunday, which means you need to plan ahead. Running out of something on a Sunday is annoying! • It is important to dress well and to be on time. There is often a dress code in these Business Hospitality courses. I appreciate that everyone looks sharp and well presented. This is good in any industry.

EHL - HOSPITALITY BUSINESS SCHOOL 5 reasons to start your Business School in February In many parts of the world, September is known as “back to school” time, but starting university in the spring is a great option for international students. The February start date at EHL, the world’s top-ranking hospitality business school, is attractive for students who want an international business education with something extra. Here’s why. You don’t have to wait until next fall to shift gears You may have second thoughts about the study track you chose this year. EHL offers the possibility to join the Bachelor degree course in Switzerland or Singapore next February, so you make a sound decision, but you don’t have to wait a full year. You take the time to improve your language skills During a gap semester, students can take a foreign language course to either improve on or begin studying a useful foreign language. It ’s a good way to prepare for life on EHL campuses. You enjoy a more personalized experience Starting in February offers a more intimate experience. The classes are smaller, less intimidating , allowing for more one-on-one attention and close-knit student groups. You start with some experience from the industry Gaining work experience is a good way to prepare for your studies at EHL, even a parttime job in a restaurant, hotel or service company will do. You gain in maturity and become more culturally aware A big number of students who chose to join EHL in February did so in order to travel and discover the world or to take time off just to be. “After graduating from high school in Singapore in December, I had plenty of time to spend with my friends and family and even traveled around Europe before joining the school.” Says Janette Yo, EHL Bachelor Student “After high school, I set out to explore South America. I completed a bus road trip from Uruguay, through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador to finally end my journey in Colombia. I learnt a lot about different cultures and became more grateful for the life that I live.” Mattias Jaques-Dalcroze, EHL Bachelor Student EHL - HOSPITALITY BUSINESS SCHOOL Your Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Students and parents are often surprised when they visit EHL because it ’s not a typical university setting. EHL is a business school with hospitality at the heart. On campus, you see bachelor ’s degree students working in the restaurants, immersed in their 20 weeks of hands-on workshops. Students wear smart business attire to attend classes and enjoy fine dining experiences in the school ’s Michelin-starred restaurant. They develop an entrepreneurial mindset in Student Consultancy Projects, R&D labs, and Innovation Village with a start-up incubator. Through this immersive, collaborative learning experience, students develop interpersonal skills and empathy, both essential for the future of business. The human-centered business courses and student life experiences also prepare them for leadership roles in many fields. → ehl.edu

125 Years of Firsts • Firs t Hotel Management School es tabl ished in the world • Firs t to be accredited at international and Swiss level • Firs t to open its own Innovation Hub • Firs t Swiss Hotel School to be awarded a Michel in Star Focus on the Future • New Lausanne Campus in 2021 • New bui ldings in progress in Chur-Passugg • New project for an asian campus in Singapore • EHL Innovation Vi l lage & s tartup incubator Since 1893, EHL leads the way in hospital ity education and business development with the innovative methods that made Swiss hospital ity education famous and shaped today ’s global hospital ity indus try. A Pioneering Spirit A P I O N E E R I N G S P I R I T World- Class Reputation #1 Hospitality Management School W H AT D E F I N E S E H L? Unique Community 30% Swiss students 120+ nationalities Multi-lingual students with many talents Diverse clubs & committees: arts, sports, entrepreneurship, charity, and more Inspiring Environment High quality of life in Switzerland and Singapore Proximity to great outdoors and cultural sites in Europe or in Asia Easy access to major cities and travel around Europe or Asia Career Springboard* 200 companies recruit on campus 4,000+ Industry Partners internship office at EHL Global Lifelong Network 75 Alumni chapters 30,000 members 150 countries 20% of alumni choose to start a business* 1/3 of recruiters are EHL alumni* *EHL Lausanne campus

Young people have a wide variety of talents! What are your talents? In a world where academic merits seem to be everything that matters, at SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern, we continue to nurture the individual talents of our students when educating the next generations of hospitality leaders. SHL offers a four-year full-time Bachelor in Hospitality Management degree programme including two paid internships that provides students with transferable skills in hospitality leadership, management, strategy and operations.

our personal development is strongly related to finding the perfect fit and choosing the right school. In addition to numerous others, the student-faculty ratio is an important factor. Smaller classes have an impact not only on the learning experience, but also gives the lecturers time to focus on aiding your personal enrichment. The self-fulfilment of each student has been one of SHL’s core values since the first hotel management classes started in 1909. Students who choose SHL, not only value the characteristic personal atmosphere and community spirit, but also appreciate being more than just a face in a lecture hall and the chance to be recognised as individuals with particular talents. oung people have all kinds of talents in lots different fields and subject areas. Here at SHL, we believe that the best way to unlock our students’ full potential and to have an actual impact on their individual development is to provide them with a solid foundation of applicable knowledge and transferable skills in hospitality leadership, management, strategy and operations. Through the theoretical classroom studies, case studies, real-life business projects, coaching and hands-on practical training, SHL lecturers offer our students all the tools for them to unleash their maximum potential. ow you live, how you get around and what you can do in your leisure time has a direct impact on your student experience and what you will achieve. A stateof-the-art campus offers modern academic and practical training facilities, as well as group rooms, independent study spaces, creative and lounge areas. Fresh and healthy meals and beverages, as well as student accommodation with various en-suite room categories, modern facilities and community rooms. At SHL, these are factors that are paid a great deal of attention to. Student life in Lucerne is rich in contrasts and entertainment all year round. With a variety of famous sights, its charming Old Town with attractive shopping areas, the town is a destination for visitors from around the world. The SHL campus is a 10minute walk away from the city centre. The city of Lucerne, right in the middle of Switzerland, provides international students with a beautiful learning environment. ‘ ’ ‘ ’ ’ ‘ ’ ‘ he hospitality industry is globally one of the fastest growing industries and a major employer. It offers infinite career opportunities around the globe in hotel management, food & beverage, travel & tourism, marketing & event management, luxury retail and related service industries. ur Bachelor degree programme in Hospitality Management provides you with an in-depth understanding of markets, management and operations, not only of the hospitality sector, but of several associated industries as well. Disciplines like leadership, finance, marketing, management, technology and many others are apart of the curriculum, providing you as a graduate with a wide range of prosperous career opportunities in hospitality and beyond. The BSc degree in hospitality management follows the principals of the traditional Swiss dual approach to education by combining first class theoretical and practical modules. shl.ch

Destination: HONG KONG Imagine being able to study in a vibrant city where you can hike the “Dragon’s Back” during the day and enjoy the city lights of the harbor at night. BY MARIE AT MAIALEARNING lt is possible if you study in “Fragrant Harbor”, more commonly known as Hong Kong. It’s a city that blends Western and Chinese cultures, English and Cantonese, and urban living with nature. And, Hong Kong is home to many world class universities. The World University Rankings put some of them in the top 100 in the world. The QS Rankings says three of them are in the top 50. Although it is best known as a busy global business hub, there’s something for everyone in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also one of the best cities for someone experiencing Asia for the first time. While the Hong Kong skyline is dominated by skyscrapers, the city is surrounded by parks and nature reserves. Whether you are interested in nature, food, culture, or shopping, Hong Kong has it all. and hiking trails. The largest outdoor Buddha in Hong Kong is on Lantau island. You can take a bus or cable car to get there. You can even take a chartered junk boat to explore the hidden islands and challenge yourself to some water sports, or simply soak up some vitamin D on the beach. Find the best views People think the Peak has the best view of Hong Kong, but I think it’s at Jardine’s Lookout. Hike up there from Hong Kong Parkview and take in the incredible views. Hike at Pat Sin Leng Country Park and walk along the ridge of 8 peaks. The views are stunning! On one side is Hong Kong and on the other you can see Shenzhen. It is my favorite (but very long) hike! Stroll through the Chi Lin Nunnery. It has a stunning garden with a great backdrop of skyscrapers and mountains. They also have a vegetarian Buddhist restaurant Learn how to say “Mm goy” (thank you). Saying thank you will take you a long way! Tips from a Hong Kong student Don’t be afraid to explore. There are great experiences that will shape your impression of the city. So, how do you travel around an urban jungle? Take your pick from the following: • Buses, trams and trains • Escalators (including the world’s longest outdoor escalator) • Ferry boats • Cable cars Be sure to buy an octopus card. This prepaid card is the most convenient to have with you. Not only can you pay for city-wide transportation, but also for food and drinks in select restaurants and shops. Explore Kowloon and the New Territories. Many expats stick to Hong Kong island and rarely venture out. Kowloon and the New Territories offer visitors much more to explore. Visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple. Hike up Lion’s Rock. Take a boat to Tai Long Wan beach. Explore Tai O Heritage Village, or catch horse races in Shatin. Explore outside the island. Eat like a local. Don’t yet have a local friend to find the insiders’ secrets for food recommendations? Try the go-to restaurant review website OpenRice. However, it may be best to go with someone local to help you order. Here are some things you should definitely try while in Hong Kong: • Dim sum, which is little bites of meat, seafood, and vegetables wrapped in dough and then steamed, baked, or fried. It’s the perfect meal with friends. • Siu Mei is Cantonese BBQ, where meats are broiled over live fires. • Cantonese claypot rice in the winter. It has a variety of ingredients cooked over fire and steamed with rice. • Enjoy egg tarts, egg waffles, or pineapple buns. These are popular sweets here. Explore the islands. Hong Kong is made up of over 250 islands, many of which are accessible from Central Pier. My go-to islands are Cheung Chau and Lamma Island. They have great seafood restaurants

Come Join World’s #2 Young Uni HKUST! 26th in the world Global Employability Ranking 2020 34th in the world QS World University Ranking 2022 Bengi AGCAL (Turkey) BEng Computer Engineering When I arrived, I knew no one and had no clue about how things worked here, but I was welcomed really warmly! Fernando GARCIA ALBERO (Spain) BSc Global China Studies You have to open yourself to the possibilities, and I strongly believe that HKUST is a place that allows me to do just that. Vincenz BRACKE (Germany) BSc Physics Through the aptly named Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) I was actually able to participate in meaningful research. Erfan SHEKARRIZ (Iran) BSc Biochemistry and Cell Biology HKUST’s entrepreneurial resources are abundant. That was the key to starting my own business: An entrepreneur’s dream, really. Chika KOESOEMO & Yosi KOESOEMO (Indonesia) BSc Mathematics & BSc Mathematics and Economics We believe that university is not a place to focus narrowly on academics. It is also a place to improve personal skills, to explore different elds, and to network. We meet new people every day. Minju CHO (South Korea) BSc Biotechnology and Business I was particularly impressed by the exibility and diversity of choices given to freshmen. HKUST offers interdisciplinary majors that follow the latest trends in the elds such as Biotechnology and Business (BIBU), my major. Thomas NARAYANA SWAMY (France) BSc Individualized Interdisciplinary Major - Bionics Though “Individualized Interdisciplinary Major” is more challenging than the traditional programs, I feel lucky to have made the decision of studying the major I like at HKUST as this is a place full of opportunities for a dreamer like me. Pierre CHAVANACHINDA (Thailand) BEng Mechanical Engineering & BBA General Business Studies I am able to learn more about my passion as well as get to know amazing and talented people from all over the world! Matthew MA (Indonesia) BBA Global Business HKUST offers me the best preparation to start my career. I get to experience world-class courses from top professors every day in one of the most beautiful campuses in all of Asia! Jason LEW (Malaysia) BBA Marketing HKUST is the place that has helped challenge and push me forward to be someone that can succeed and help change the world one step at a time. Marthi KIRKELAND (Norway) BBA Management One of the best things of studying in HKUST is the highly international community. I was able to make friends with people from different cultures. Natalia DUANE (Poland) BBA Marketing HKUST supports students with a plethora of scholarships, and I’m one of the many who have greatly bene tted from this. Ishita KUMAR (India) BEng Chemical and Biological Engineering India At HKUST, whether you are interested in entrepreneurship, research, or philanthropic work, not only will there be many opportunities for you but also those opportunities will be completely hands-on. Hritvik ARYA (India) BEng Electronic Engineering and BBA Finance HKUST has transformed me in ways I could’ve never imagined. While the hands-on approach to all the courses helped me break the chains of the theoretical knowledge I was con ned to, the constant interaction with students from different backgrounds helped me overcome my social anxiety.

OPPORTUNITIES • Entrepreneurship Center • HeadStart@HKUST • Minor Program in Entrepreneurship • One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition • Robotics Team • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) • International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) • hackUST + hardUST • Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab • Undergraduate Student-initiated Experiential Learning (USEL) At HKUST 2022 IN TAKE APPLICAT ION OPENS! Check out the requirements for SCIENCE ENGINEERING BUSINESS & MANAGEMEN T HUMANI T IES & SOCIAL SCIENCE IN TERDISCIPLINARY PROGRAMS Early Round Deadline: 19 Nov 2021 Why a flexible curriculum should be top of your university shopping list? Read more about our New Programs and Extended Majors

Destination: SPAIN If the idea of beautiful beaches, great culture, and warm weather sounds good, then consider studying in Spain. In 2018, there were around 600,000 foreign students in Spain. Joining them could be the adventure of a lifetime. BY LEANDA AT MAIALEARNING Maybe you’ve heard of the great summer music scene in Ibiza, or the beautiful beaches of San Sebastian. Spain has this and much more, so it is no surprise it is popular with international students. Spain offers a strong university education in Europe and a welcoming, multicultural environment. Spain is also relatively affordable for students. The food is not too expensive and accommodation is great. Check out this beautiful student studio in Madrid. Why not improve your Spanish? If you are not already a fluent speaker, immersing yourself in the culture of Spain is a great way to improve in a language that is the third most used on the Internet. Having skills in one of the most used languages in the world may just give you the edge in your career. With a number of internationally recognized and accredited universities with interesting courses for both Spanish and English speaking students, maybe Spain is a country for you to add to your list. 1. Visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This Art Nouveau fantasy by Gaudi was started 135 years ago but is only being completed now. The outside alone is worth seeing, but experiencing the way the light falls inside the building is amazing. 2. Watch a flamenco dance. Originating in the South of Spain, this art form combines singing, music, and dance. It is distinctly Spanish, and the passion and improvisation make each performance unique. 3. Visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. This futuristic building with its unusual shapes means the modern art starts before you even see the exhibitions inside. Both art lovers, and readers of Dan Brown’s novel Origin will love this place. 4. Try Paella. This is one of Spain’s most popular dishes. It is a traditional rice dish that originated in Valencia. It is a one pot Seven things to do in Spain dish normally cooked over fire and shared by lots of people. This dish is Spanish comfort food, as it often evokes a sense of family and fond memories. 5. Eat breakfast like a local. In Madrid it is popular to have chocolate con churros, especially in winter. Crispy cinnamon dough served with a thick hot chocolate for dipping. This is a favorite on weekends. 6. Visit the Canarias for Carnaval. Carnaval is the last fiesta before Lent and the beginning of Easter. The Tenerife Carnival is world famous for its costumes, parades, and lively music. Thousands come out for 15 days of fun in the streets. 7. Bathe in beautiful beaches. Spain has around 8000 km of beaches, so you will be spoiled for choice. If you want white sand that looks like it goes forever, and beautiful sunsets, you will find them in Spain.

What is a college town - Pennsylvania stuff too? IE UNIVERSITY IS AN INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTION WITH A PRACTICE-BASED APPROACH THAT GOES BEYOND THE CLASSROOM WALLS Based in Spain, IE University has an urban campus in Madrid and a historic and cultural campus in Segovia. All our programs are taught in English, though students will also have the opportunity to learn Spanish with their peers and through complementary language courses. The student body is made up of over 130 nationalities and 75% of the student body is international. At IE University, students can personalize their programs through electives and advanced seminars that complement their interests to build their own academic journeys. We have strategic exchange partnerships with over 200 universities around the world. Read more stories ) Matthaeus Widmann Undergraduate student from Italy “I like IE University because it is an excellent university that adapts quickly to changes and uses innovation to teach students the best possible way” Choose your own path to success #1 Un i ver s i ty i n Spa i n #1 0 Un i ver s i ty i n Europe #2 5 Un i ver s i ty Wor l dwi de *Times Hi gher Educat i on , Gl oba l Un i ve r s i t y Emp l oyab i l i t y Rank i ng 2020 DISCOVER MORE

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Applied Mathematics Architectural Studies Behavior and Social Sciences Business Administration Communication and Digital Media Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Data and Business Analytics Design Economics International Relations Laws Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics DUAL DEGREES Business Administration + Data and Business Analytics Business Administration + International Relations Business Administration + Laws Laws + International Relations Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics + Data and Business Analytics Business Administration + Design Economics + International Relations FIND OUT MORE An I nternat i ona l Un i ver s i ty i n SPAIN, Segov i a & Madr i d Beyzanur Inal Undergraduate student from Turkey “I really like that IE University teaches students how to make decisions in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity” Want to know more about the IE University experience? Check out our Driving Innovation blog ) Use our undergraduate comparator and analyse which degree meets your preferences! Compare Degrees ) @ieu_admissions @ieuniversity

This sounds like a silly question…but what makes a college town more than just a town with a college? It is worth taking the time to consider this before making your final college decision. BY ANNE AT MAIALEARNING Recently, I attended a football game at my alma mater and was super excited to be there for the season opener! I saw the familiar streets and buildings and felt pride with a little homesickness. You see, there is a strong sense of belonging that college students experience when a town truly embraces the university within its borders. You notice it when you are out and about, sporting your university t-shirt, and you receive random high-fives, nods, and verbal affirmations. When it feels like the town residents and university students are all on the same team… you know that you are in a great college town! College towns often have a great mix of small-town charm with plenty of big-city opportunities: a lively arts culture, a strong sports fan base, several large employers, a thriving economy, and a total commitment to education that is reflected in elementary schools through college. The town and college develop a strong relationship; they work diligently to support each other. Whether it’s basketball games, music and arts extravaganzas, speaker events, or tech competitions, the community actively supports college activities. The town leadership also does their part by incentivizing good businesses to set up in their community. When a town gets this right, many students choose to stay and work there even after graduating from college. That is what makes a true college town endure and thrive. I was fortunate to attend a university in a true college town. In fact, it is routinely ranked in the top five of “Best College Towns in America” by livability.com and several financial news companies. Did I choose to stay in the same town after graduating? You bet I did! Why? Because I fell in love with the university and the town that supported it. For first-year students, living in a true college town makes it easier to adapt to your new living environment. You feel College Towns W h a t m a ke s t h e m g r e a t ? as if the town wants you there and is embracing you. Towns with a college just don’t make you feel like that. Researchers have the “what makes a good college town” statistics down to a science. In general, if a college’s student population is at least 20% of the town's total population, and the town's primary employer is the college, then there is likely a strong college to town connection. Sure there are other statistics you can consider; lower median age, income, higher education levels, etc. But you honestly don't need the statistics, averages, or median calculations. Just check out the town at your next college visit. Look for the signs detailed above, that the university is highly valued. And... if it looks and feels like someplace you'd like to call "home", then most likely it is a College Town and not just a Town With a College. Look at Bucknell University and Dickinson College as two great examples of college towns.

BUCKNELL .EDU/ INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS // BUCKNELL UNIVERSIT Y, ONE DENT DRIVE, LEWISBURG, PA 17837, USA Br ing your natura l cur iosit y to Bucknel l Universit y in Pennsylvania, where you’l l meet world-class facult y and study in leading-edge lab spaces. Here, you can develop a way to filter harmful carbon out of the air, slowing the spread of global warming. Or design a computer program that eliminates a chronic disease. Or invent a cheaper way to bring clean water to communities in need. From here, anything is possible.

BUCKNELL .EDU/ INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS // BUCKNELL UNIVERSIT Y, ONE DENT DRIVE, LEWISBURG, PA 17837, USA WHO WE ARE • Bucknell is an innov ative Universit y ba sed in the liber al ar ts . We have three colleges: the College of Ar ts & Sciences, the College of Engineering and the Freeman College of Management • With 65 majors and more than 70 minors, we help you explore many different interests, meaning you’ll gr aduate with an arr ay of in- demand skills . • We have a 9 -to -1 student-facult y ratio and average class size of 20. That means our professors will know you and suppor t you in ever y a spec t of your education. • With more than 200 student clubs, you’ll discover something ama zing ever y day of the week and make lifelong friends . • Bucknell ’s housing and dining options are designed to make you feel at home. At Bucknell, we support our students as they explore their intellectual curiosity, and we empower them to become innovators in whatever field they choose. It starts in the classroom, where our world-class professors personally guide discovery in small groups. But it doesn’t end there. We are a living-learning community where students explore the ideas and theories they’re passionate about. This happens in laboratories, residence hall lounges, the local community and study-abroad programs around the world. It’s why our students graduate ready to make a difference and shape the world they live in. GO BE YOND THE CL AS SROOM AND E XPERIENCE THE RE A L WORLD Learn more at go.bucknell.edu/ InternationalStudents Li s ten to Our Podcas t Get your advice straight from the source: the admissions counselors who actually read student applications. In each 30-minute episode of College Admissions Insider, our biweekly podcast, students and families get timely, relevant advice. Listen at go.bucknell.edu/AdmissionsPodcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Read Our B log On our blog, we answer the questions students ask most. Will applying undecided hur t my chances? Should I use the Common App or the Coalition App? What makes an essay stand out? Visit go.bucknell.edu/AdmissionsBlog for these answers and many more. SUPPORT FOR YOUR COLLEGE SEARCH COLLEGE ADMISSIONS INSIDER PODCAST ADMISSIONS BLOG

D I C K I N S O N is a community committed to diversity and inclusion, with more than 2,300 full-time students representing 38 states and territories, plus Washington, D.C., and 49 foreign countries. Among the current population, 21% are domestic students of color and 14% are international. Discover Dickinson College. Known for its innovative curriculum, global vision and commitment to sustainability initiatives, Dickinson is a four-year residential liberalarts and sciences college chartered in 1783 and located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 8:1 STUDENT- FACULTY RATIO and 14 student average class 63% of Dickinsonians STUDY ABROAD (comp a re d t o l e s s t h a n 1 0% n a t i o n a l l y) INCLUDING: • 44% of science majors • 60% of student-athletes 93% of students have had an internship, service learning or research experience by graduation Students from the classes of 2018-20 pursued internships in 35+ COUNTRIES GRADUATE SCHOOL ACCEPTANCE RATES: 95% MEDICAL SCHOOL 94% LAW SCHOOL of Dickinson grads are EMP LOY ED, completing an I NT ERNSH I P, attending GRADUAT E SCHOOL or pursuing a F E L LOWSH I P one year after graduation 96% BY THE NUMBERS

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR $15,000 to $35,000 per year in merit scholarships, plus need-based financial aid. Major Spotlights Dickinson offers 46 majors, plus minors and certificates. Our academic program is flexible, without a restrictive set of core courses, and about 20% of students double major. DATA ANA LY T I CS Dickinson’s newest major is designed to allow future leaders to apply the power of data to the world’s most complex problems across myriad fields and experiences. And while the discipline of data analysis lies at the intersection of computer science, mathematics and statistics, the new major will feature additional multidisciplinary content to form a rigorous program that’s even more relevant to an ever-changing world. COMPUT ER SC I ENCE The Dickinson computer science curriculum emphasizes the profound ideas and techniques that enable computers to solve problems, transcending any one application or technology. As a computer science major, you’ll learn to work in teams, acquire communication skills, design software in multiple programming languages and become prepared for a life in which technology continually interacts with society. I NT ERNAT I ONA L BUS I NE S S & MANAGEMENT Dickinson is one of very few liberal-arts colleges to offer a business major. Successful business decisions demand a comprehensive understanding of our complex world with lessons taken from studies across many fields, which a liberal-arts education is best able to provide. In addition, experiential opportunities like internships and study abroad cultivate creative and critical-thinking capabilities, facility in foreign language and comfort in roles that call for leadership, teamwork, collaboration and intercultural awareness. QUANT I TAT I VE ECONOM I CS Quantitative economics applies mathematical concepts, models and theories to economic issues. This specialized field is great for students seeking careers in economics, consulting or data analysis—or anyone who wants to go on to graduate school in any of those or connected areas. Take the Next Step To learn more about Dickinson, tell us a little about you! C L I CK OR SCAN CODE C L I CK OR SCAN CODE S O O M I N K I M ’ 1 8 (South Korea; international business & management, Chinese) won the 2018 Miss Korea competition and is pursuing a master’s in journalism at Columbia University. J O O J O O C R A N ’ 1 7 (Accra, Ghana; international business & management, French & Francophone studies) is a technology consultant for Deloitte Ghana. TA O X U ’ 2 1 (Yangzhou, China; biochemistry & molecular biology, neuroscience) is pursuing a master of medical sciences in immunology at Harvard University School of Medicine. A S H I R B O R A H ’ 1 9 (Guwahati, Assam, India; math and computer science) is a computational biologist in the cancer data science program at the MIT/Harvard Broad Institute. N I C O L E TA M VA K A ’ 2 0 (Athens, Greece; neuroscience, mathematics) is pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences. B E V E R L E Y- C L A I R E O K O G W U ’ 2 1 (Grenada; computer science) is a software engineer for Oracle and will pursue a master’s in computer science and robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. I NT ERNAT I ONA L S TUDENT SUCCE S S Discover what some of our grads are doing!

Destination: Un i te d S t a t e s Have you ever thought about studying in the USA? Some of the most well-known universities in the world are there. The USA offers you the studying flexibility and academic freedom that most other countries don’t. BY LEANDA AT MAIALEARNING Did you know the University of Southern California, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and Northwestern University are some of the most filmed campuses in the world? This is probably why when we think of students in university, the US university experience is what people often imagine. The emphasis is on finding universities and colleges that are a good fit for you. This means universities where you match well with their mission and values. Universities are looking for students who will thrive and contribute positively to their student body. This is why there are extra essays to write, and why your teachers will probably be asked to write about you as a person. It is also why your activity list is important. There are so many great options available to you in the US, so start your research early. 1. You are spoiled for choice. There are over 4000 colleges and universities in the US. You will find some of the most beautiful campuses in the world with an array of the best facilities you could want. Researching your options is the key to success. 2. The US university system is based on the idea of a liberal arts and sciences degree. This means you take classes in many different areas as well as the ones that you want to concentrate on. This way you gain an understanding of different disciplines. 3. In the US, you apply to a college or university, rather than a specific course. This takes the pressure off if you don’t already know what you want to study. For most courses you don’t have to declare your major until the second year. This gives you time to explore new academic Five facts about the US system interests. You can also create unique combinations for yourself. Physics and African drumming? In the US, it is possible. 4. Undergraduate bachelor degrees in the USA generally take four years. Some students also choose two-year associate degrees. 5. You will be part of a living and learning community. Normally you will live on campus and share rooms in student residence buildings. There are cafeterias and coffee shops where you eat and hang out, clubs, and (in normal times) lots of events that take place on campus weekly. On MaiaLearning’s University Search Page, simply type in the name of a college or university. Or use the filters to enter what you want from your experience, and it will match you to different institutions.

PLU is the small, private university where caring means more than kindness and consideration - it means a bold commitment to expanding well-being, opportunity, and justice. Our students aren’t afraid to do things differently to leave the world better than they found it. We are a community of seekers, trailblazers, creators, and reformers who know that we can accomplish more together than apart. The PLU experience allows your ambition to blossom into purpose, your skills to sharpen into tools, and your caring to become a transformative force. WHO WE ARE BY THE NUMBERS FIRST GENERATION 32.6% STUDENTS OF COLOR 39.8% MAJORS AND MINORS 40 STATES AND 16 COUNTRIES 4 0 + OF STUDENTS RECEIVE FINANCIAL AID 9 8 % 2900 STUDENTS L E A R N MO R E

PLU is located in the Parkland neighborhood of Tacoma, WA and we love our Pacific Northwest location. Close to mountains, the Puget Sound and the ocean, PLU students have opportunities to hike, bike, climb, ski, camp, boat and more around this amazing region! LOCATION CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 7 0 + 19 NCAA DIVISION III VARSITY ATHLETIC TEAMS MUSIC, THEATRE, & DANCE PERFORMANCES EVERY YEAR 1 0 0 + TOP 20 NATIONALLY FOR HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF STUDENTS WHO STUDY ABROAD CAMPUS LIFE BEST SMALL COLLEGE IN WASHINGTON FOR GETTING A JOB -ZIPPIA # 1 MEDICAL SCHOOL ACCEPTANCE TOP 13% IN THE NATION FOR RETURN ON INVESTMENT 1 3 % OUTCOMES 8 0 % WHAT’S A LUTE? • Lutes ask tough questions • Lutes make things happen • Lutes center community • Lutes open doors • Lutes embrace complexity Sound like you? Apply for free today! FIND MORE INFO on applying, scholarships & financial aid & how to connect with us HERE!

.C. BOSTON ATLANT I C OCEAN NNSYLVANIA NEW YORK CONNECTICUT RHODE ISLAND MASSACHUSETTS DELAWARE NEW JERSEY Academic and research powerhouse. Stellar faculty. Engaged students. Devotion to community. Whether organizing local food drives, volunteering at health clinics abroad, or researching the causes of autism, Rutgers–New Brunswick provides real-world experiences to prepare you for life. Get ready for an unparalleled adventure! Get Prepared for Life TOP 25 PUBL I C SCHOOL I N THE NAT I ON U.S. News & World Report : America’s Best Colleges TOP 1% UN I VERS I T I ES WORLDWI DE Center for World University Rankings TOP 15% BEST COLLEGES I N AMER I CA BY VALUE Money Explore More 120+ M A J O R S 24 NCAA Division I S P O R T S 750+ Student Organizations 1 Create a Custom Viewbook admissions.rutgers.edu/CustomViewbook 3 Visit Our Campus • admissions.rutgers.edu/nbtours • explorerutgers.com 2 Get Social RutgersNB rutgersnb RutgersUndergraduateAdmissions World Renowned • Honors programs and the Honors College with inresidence faculty • 100+ first-year seminars capped at 20 students and taught by senior faculty • 175+ research centers and institutes • Average starting salar y for graduates is $57.5K • 78% placement rate within six months of graduation Student Life • 35,000+ undergraduate students • Ser vice opportunities include Alternative Spring Break Program, Rutgers Against Hunger, and Rutgers University Dance Marathon • Guest lectures and speakers, plus annual concerts and festivals • 80+ fraternities and sororities • 61% of classes enroll less than 30 students #1 PUBL I C UN I VERS I TY I N THE NORTHEAST U.S. News & World Report 16:1 Student :Faculty R AT I O