October 2021

125 Years of Firsts • Firs t Hotel Management School es tabl ished in the world • Firs t to be accredited at international and Swiss level • Firs t to open its own Innovation Hub • Firs t Swiss Hotel School to be awarded a Michel in Star Focus on the Future • New Lausanne Campus in 2021 • New bui ldings in progress in Chur-Passugg • New project for an asian campus in Singapore • EHL Innovation Vi l lage & s tartup incubator Since 1893, EHL leads the way in hospital ity education and business development with the innovative methods that made Swiss hospital ity education famous and shaped today ’s global hospital ity indus try. A Pioneering Spirit A P I O N E E R I N G S P I R I T World- Class Reputation #1 Hospitality Management School W H AT D E F I N E S E H L? Unique Community 30% Swiss students 120+ nationalities Multi-lingual students with many talents Diverse clubs & committees: arts, sports, entrepreneurship, charity, and more Inspiring Environment High quality of life in Switzerland and Singapore Proximity to great outdoors and cultural sites in Europe or in Asia Easy access to major cities and travel around Europe or Asia Career Springboard* 200 companies recruit on campus 4,000+ Industry Partners internship office at EHL Global Lifelong Network 75 Alumni chapters 30,000 members 150 countries 20% of alumni choose to start a business* 1/3 of recruiters are EHL alumni* *EHL Lausanne campus