October 2021

COLLEGEADMISSIONS.UCHICAGO.EDU Snapshots of Life on Campus: Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) With over 400 student activities and a campus alive with yearly events and wild traditions, the question isn’t if you’ll get involved, but how. Read how some of our current student bloggers found clubs that help them explore their passions. Jessica G.: “How to Find the Perfect Dance Club” For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the University of Chicago is probably not dance. We’re probably better known for other things—like our economics program or our gorgeous campus. As someone who thoroughly enjoys the arts in addition to learning about the intricacies of financial markets, I was unsure if I’d be able to find something to satisfy my newly awakened interest in dancing. (I’m by no means a trained dancer, by the way.) Fortunately, I didn’t have to look very far! During my first year, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of dance clubs in my search for extracurricular activities. I was blown away. Read more Ian R.: “Club Spotlight: Doc Films” Doc Films is the longest continually running student film society in the nation and has been around for more than 75 years. It screens a different film every day in UChicago’s Ida Noyes Theatre, patronized by cinema-obsessed students and Hyde Park residents, as well as casual moviegoers looking for something beyond the digitally compressed streaming service fare. Doc Films is a film resource like no other, where you can watch digital, 35mm, and 16mm screenings of some of history’s finest cinema. I’d never encountered such deep and varied opportunities to engage with film, and I arrived at UChicago during Autumn Quarter of my first year knowing I wanted to participate in Doc Films. Read more Yara O. “Club Spotlight: Bridge to College and Moneythink” Despite the current world situation, UChicago registered student organizations (RSOs) that work with high school students are still doing everything they can to have a positive impact. Two of these organizations, Bridge to College and Moneythink, have set up online platforms to reach a wider audience. I’m involved with both of these organizations. Bridge to College helps high school students through the college application process. As a first-generation college student, I had to do a lot of research before even starting my applications. Bridge to College exists to help students like me who may feel overwhelmed or who may have never considered going to college. Read more Planning for Your Future At UChicago, we believe planning and preparation for your career should build over the full course of your education, not take place just in the months leading up to graduation. From the start, each incoming student is assigned a Career Adviser who helps them make best use of the extensive resources offered through UChicago Career Advancement. Co- Curricular Career Preparation Career Advancement empowers UChicago undergraduates of all interests and backgrounds to apply their world-class education to a fulfilling career. Career Advancement partners with the College to offer unique pre-professional programs providing resources and professional opportunities to enrolled students interested in careers across 11 different industries. With programs ranging from the arts, journalism, education, science and engineering to green careers, healthcare, law and policy, Career Advancement offers students opportunities to discover their passions and prepare for success. Hands-On Learning Opportunities Career Advancement offers experiential learning opportunities for students at all stages of career development. The opportunities range from: • Day-long experiences like career fairs and job shadowing opportunities • Week-long experiences like industry immersion events and career exploration Treks • Months-long experiences like the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program • Metcalf Internships are project-based, substantive paid opportunities with employers across industries during the academic year and the summer. Over 3000 Metcalf Internships are available each year! EXPLORE WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!