October 2021

Destination: SPAIN If the idea of beautiful beaches, great culture, and warm weather sounds good, then consider studying in Spain. In 2018, there were around 600,000 foreign students in Spain. Joining them could be the adventure of a lifetime. BY LEANDA AT MAIALEARNING Maybe you’ve heard of the great summer music scene in Ibiza, or the beautiful beaches of San Sebastian. Spain has this and much more, so it is no surprise it is popular with international students. Spain offers a strong university education in Europe and a welcoming, multicultural environment. Spain is also relatively affordable for students. The food is not too expensive and accommodation is great. Check out this beautiful student studio in Madrid. Why not improve your Spanish? If you are not already a fluent speaker, immersing yourself in the culture of Spain is a great way to improve in a language that is the third most used on the Internet. Having skills in one of the most used languages in the world may just give you the edge in your career. With a number of internationally recognized and accredited universities with interesting courses for both Spanish and English speaking students, maybe Spain is a country for you to add to your list. 1. Visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This Art Nouveau fantasy by Gaudi was started 135 years ago but is only being completed now. The outside alone is worth seeing, but experiencing the way the light falls inside the building is amazing. 2. Watch a flamenco dance. Originating in the South of Spain, this art form combines singing, music, and dance. It is distinctly Spanish, and the passion and improvisation make each performance unique. 3. Visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. This futuristic building with its unusual shapes means the modern art starts before you even see the exhibitions inside. Both art lovers, and readers of Dan Brown’s novel Origin will love this place. 4. Try Paella. This is one of Spain’s most popular dishes. It is a traditional rice dish that originated in Valencia. It is a one pot Seven things to do in Spain dish normally cooked over fire and shared by lots of people. This dish is Spanish comfort food, as it often evokes a sense of family and fond memories. 5. Eat breakfast like a local. In Madrid it is popular to have chocolate con churros, especially in winter. Crispy cinnamon dough served with a thick hot chocolate for dipping. This is a favorite on weekends. 6. Visit the Canarias for Carnaval. Carnaval is the last fiesta before Lent and the beginning of Easter. The Tenerife Carnival is world famous for its costumes, parades, and lively music. Thousands come out for 15 days of fun in the streets. 7. Bathe in beautiful beaches. Spain has around 8000 km of beaches, so you will be spoiled for choice. If you want white sand that looks like it goes forever, and beautiful sunsets, you will find them in Spain.