October 2021

our personal development is strongly related to finding the perfect fit and choosing the right school. In addition to numerous others, the student-faculty ratio is an important factor. Smaller classes have an impact not only on the learning experience, but also gives the lecturers time to focus on aiding your personal enrichment. The self-fulfilment of each student has been one of SHL’s core values since the first hotel management classes started in 1909. Students who choose SHL, not only value the characteristic personal atmosphere and community spirit, but also appreciate being more than just a face in a lecture hall and the chance to be recognised as individuals with particular talents. oung people have all kinds of talents in lots different fields and subject areas. Here at SHL, we believe that the best way to unlock our students’ full potential and to have an actual impact on their individual development is to provide them with a solid foundation of applicable knowledge and transferable skills in hospitality leadership, management, strategy and operations. Through the theoretical classroom studies, case studies, real-life business projects, coaching and hands-on practical training, SHL lecturers offer our students all the tools for them to unleash their maximum potential. ow you live, how you get around and what you can do in your leisure time has a direct impact on your student experience and what you will achieve. A stateof-the-art campus offers modern academic and practical training facilities, as well as group rooms, independent study spaces, creative and lounge areas. Fresh and healthy meals and beverages, as well as student accommodation with various en-suite room categories, modern facilities and community rooms. At SHL, these are factors that are paid a great deal of attention to. Student life in Lucerne is rich in contrasts and entertainment all year round. With a variety of famous sights, its charming Old Town with attractive shopping areas, the town is a destination for visitors from around the world. The SHL campus is a 10minute walk away from the city centre. The city of Lucerne, right in the middle of Switzerland, provides international students with a beautiful learning environment. ‘ ’ ‘ ’ ’ ‘ ’ ‘ he hospitality industry is globally one of the fastest growing industries and a major employer. It offers infinite career opportunities around the globe in hotel management, food & beverage, travel & tourism, marketing & event management, luxury retail and related service industries. ur Bachelor degree programme in Hospitality Management provides you with an in-depth understanding of markets, management and operations, not only of the hospitality sector, but of several associated industries as well. Disciplines like leadership, finance, marketing, management, technology and many others are apart of the curriculum, providing you as a graduate with a wide range of prosperous career opportunities in hospitality and beyond. The BSc degree in hospitality management follows the principals of the traditional Swiss dual approach to education by combining first class theoretical and practical modules. shl.ch