October 2021

Viva l'Italia Italy is well known for education. The University of Bologna is said to be the oldest continuing university in the world. It has been continuously teaching students since 1088. In fact, in Europe the “Bologna Agreement” is the name given to a set of agreements made about education in Europe in 1999. This is why Europe now has a standardized three-year bachelor degree and the European Transfer Credit system. But Italy offers more than just strong academic options delivered in Italian or English. It is a country that also offers a vibrant, laid-back, friendly lifestyle. Studying in Italy would give you the chance to experience the fabulous food, and some of the best-known cultural sites in the world. You could retrace the footsteps of Roman emperors in the ruins of the Forum in Rome or spend time looking at amazing sculptures and artwork in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Students should always check ahead of time, because many cultural sights are free for EU students of Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Conservation and some Literature courses, and many others offer student discounts whether you are EU or not. Study in Italy says around 32,000 international students live in Italy to study or on exchange. A long tradition in education may be why so many international students from around the world choose to study in this country. BY LEANDA AT MAIALEARNING