September 2023

7 1 70 Come Join World’s #2 Young Uni HKUST! 2nd in World’s Top 600+ Young Universities in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2023 30th in the world Global Employability Ranking 2022 (No. 1 in Hong Kong, No. 3 in Greater China) 7th Asia’s Top 500+ Universities (No. 3 in Hong Kong) in Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2023 Extended Major in Arti cial Intelligence (Major +AI) Val Speedy I don't see AI completely replacing humans, just increasing the barrier of entry into elds. In my summer internship, I had the opportunity to work with ChatGPT and Midjourney AI quite extensively and I learnt that while these tools are good at what they do, it is limited by the skill of the user. AI simply boosts the rate where we can and we have to level up our skills. There will be many questions and the eld will keep growing faster than we could keep up with. I recommend to focus on fundamentals, understand what AI is, what it can do, and what is the smallest thing you can do with AI to improve people's lives. Arti cial intelligence is an ever-evolving eld, and HKUST is fully embracing its existence both inside and outside the curriculum. This makes it the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the university’s resources and gain rsthand experience of what AI is and what it is capable of. To students who plan to take Major + AI, make sure that you are actually interested in AI. Don’t take AI just because it’s important but take it because you have a genuine interest and a desire to dive deeper into the realm of AI. Once you have decided to study AI, enjoy the ride as you dive in to the complex and vast world of arti cial intelligence. Remember to commit on your AI major, establish a solid foundation in AI and never lose the ame of curiosity within yourself. AI excels at solving complex issues beyond human capability, such as data analysis and medical advancements. It also automates repetitive tasks, liberating humans for creative pursuits. Additionally, AI's emerging role in creativity holds vast potential. In order to adopt such systems that can be smarter than us then they need to be implemented with great awareness. Regulations on the usage of AI and the Ethics behind the usage of data have to be monitored to ensure the safe development of AI that leads to improvement in our human society and not lead to a catastrophic turn to it. Siraj To stay abreast of the evolving AI landscape, HKUST has introduced the innovative Major+AI program, aligning with the swiftly changing trends since Fall 2021. Through the program, students gain AI skills at its peak, avoiding a four-year commitment to a volatile eld. The curriculum blends AI applications with their chosen majors, fostering interdisciplinary problem-solving. Design Thinking, AI seminars, and real-world projects re ne skills. Adding 21-24 credits (about one course per term), students enhance their job market edge, showcasing proactive learning valued by employers. Jurek