April 2022

With these credentials, you’d expect Gil was a musical genius at school. But, Gil says no. “In middle school I joined choir and failed. I tried saxophone and failed that as well.” But Gil’s passion prevailed. He decided to hone his hobby of DJing. “I took summer classes like Radio Broadcasting and DJing, which helped me learn to start on vinyl and turntables.” He also offered to DJ every school event and then offered his services as a DJ for parties. It wasn’t glamorous. He started off small - discos, birthdays, and fashion shows. Any money he earned was put back into DJ equipment. Gil also completed Summer Discovery internships in the music industry. This helped him develop contacts, and he realized that he wanted to turn his passion into his profession. “I never wanted to be behind an office desk as I love to travel and play music, so this was a driving force for me.” He he sent his music to clubs and asked for bookings but he kept being told they didn’t want to book him. So, he launched his own brand called Breeze Records as a way of releasing his music. Finally, he got a break. He was offered the chance to promote a small private club in Zurich by posting social media updates and handing out flyers. They also allowed him to DJ from time to time. “This is when I really fell in love with the DJ booth,” he said. When researching different courses, Gil realized the Clive Davis School of Recorded Music at NYU offered his dream course. It was definitely a reach, but he crafted his application with care. His favorite part of the application was putting together a playlist. Thankfully, NYU felt his entrepreneurial spirit, experiences, and playlist were a good match for the course. He was accepted. “At NYU I was lucky to have great teachers and great facilities I was able to use to work on my music. It was my chance to learn about music production.” The contacts and learning he got from this course took Gil’s career to the next level. “After graduating, I started a residency at Tao Group in the US where my career took off.” He was signed with a manager, and started getting gigs in clubs around the world. Then came another amazing break. His manager got him the role of supporting act for The Chainsmokers. “I toured with The Chainsmokers in Australia. And his talent and drive didn’t go unnoticed. Gil was approached by one of the big record labels, Sony Music. “Signing to Sony Music Switzerland was a big moment for me. Getting to be a part of a major label is a big milestone in an artist’s career.” Gil has also had releases on Martin Garrix label STMPD, Spinnin Records, Armada, and Tiesto’s lable, Musical Freedom. “My remix for the Chainsmokers currently has 4 million streams. Last summer I played Energy Air in Switzerland in a stadium filled with 40,000 people.” But in January 2022 Gil hit another huge highlight. He was invited to guest DJ at halftime at Madison Square Garden. DJ GIL GLAZE Gil Glaze may only be 27, but he’s no newcomer to the music scene. In fact, he started playing his first DJ sets at 15. Since then, he has toured the world opening for David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, and other icons. His deep house and dance-pop music has seen a loyal fan base grow and he’s now an international talent. DJ Gil Glaze at Hakkasan Las Vegas Upper right: At a gig with loyal fans