April 2022

“Playing Madison Square Garden in New York was a really big step in my career as there is no bigger venue I have wanted to play. This was a tick off my bucket list.” Also, no longer needing Breeze Records to get his own music noticed, he now uses Breeze Records as a platform to build and showcase new artists around the world. The best part of all this for Gil? “I love getting to wake up every day and do what I love. It is such an intense but varied industry. For example, one day can be a business day where I focus on invoicing clubs, licensing agreements, getting bookings etc.; while another day can be creative, where I am focusing on new music or music video ideas.” Ever the strategist, Gil is now studying a masters in Hospitality Business to learn more about the business of the nightlife industry. Because of his experience, Gil believes the biggest assets any young entrepreneur can have are communication skills, creativity, stress management techniques, and passion. Passion and energy saw Gil go from running his business from his bedroom to sharing his passion with the world and being his own boss. Gil is ready for his next adventure and he has advice for people who want to do the same. “Stay strong with your passion. When I was younger, I was always comparing myself to others. My friends in high school were all focused on working at banks or big businesses. But I stood strong and felt confident that my passion would make me money one day.” Want to connect and see more? Checkout Gil’s site to stay up-to-date, submit your demo, or login for exclusive content. “Stay strong with your passion. When I was younger, I was always comparing myself to others ... but I stood strong” Energy Air Event, Switzerland Gil Glaze - a chilled out moment.