September 2023

63 62 See the left page for the answer I feel lucky to live during a technological age. From spelling checks, to language translators, or even full essay writing, AI does it for us. And according to a Teaching Times article, 67% of students use some sort of AI in an academic setting. People often assume the worst. They think that students are all using ChatGPT to generate essays when most students are actually using AI such as Google Translate, auto correct or Grammarly (I can testify, auto correct is a lifesaver). Teachers warn us, “We can tell if you’ve used AI.” But can they really? To test if this theory is true, I conducted my own very “scientific” research. I chose a topic that gave no advantage to subject specialists: why vanilla is the best ice cream flavour (an undeniable fact). I presented my teachers with writing: one generated by AI and one written by me. It turns out that 79% of teachers could tell the difference. Can you? Why not test your skills below. It seems that computers can’t replace individualistic human text just yet. Most teachers were able to identify the ‘lack of opinion’, ‘emotionless’ and ‘errorfree’ writing of artificial intelligence. And if they can’t, plagiarism checkers like Turn-It-In can. Ironically teachers now use artificial intelligence to check for artificial intelligence even though many of them view it as some all-knowing mastermind that could take over the world. In all seriousness, with so much knowledge available to us, it is important we remember to be responsible for our own academic integrity so we don’t become too reliant on technology. Maybe one day computers will be able to mimic the human psyche, but until then it’s probably best to write your own homework and not become too reliant on technology (in case AI actually does end up taking over the world). Can You Tell When It Is Written By AI? Vanilla ice cream, sometimes said to be the most boring and bland flavour of ice cream. A phrase that completely undermines the taste of vanilla. In today’s maximalism extravaganza, we often forget to appreciate the simple things. Vanilla, the original flavour is the foundation for all other ice cream flavours. Not too sweet, creamy, and almost floral, vanilla is a delicacy that can be enjoyed by all. Although it may not present as an exotic or surprising flavour, it presents a modest and satisfying taste. Whether paired with pie, crumble or cake, vanilla ice cream should be appreciated for its simplicity, consistency and comfort. Vanilla is often hailed as the best ice cream flavor for its timeless and versatile appeal. Its simplicity is its strength, allowing the pure, creamy essence of high-quality vanilla beans to shine through. This classic flavor serves as the perfect canvas for a multitude of toppings and mix-ins, enabling endless customization to suit individual preferences. Its mild sweetness and comforting aroma evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth, making it universally loved. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a complement to a variety of desserts, vanilla ice cream’s understated elegance and widespread popularity make it the undisputed champion of frozen treats. If you chose A, you are correct. It is all ChatGPT. by Cynthia Zhang, Year 12, Auckland