September 2023

57 56 At University College Roosevelt you get an education built around you. You create your own program by choosing courses from nearly for ty disciplines. From Ar t Histor y to Life Science and from Economics to Robotics, there is always a combination that will suit you. In and outside your classes you interact with engaged professors and motivated students. Our tight-knit community enables you to find and explore your passions and interests while enjoying a wonderful student life in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Project: Developing an artificial esophagus Someone close to me has been suffering from cancer. I’ve been wanting to ease their pain for a long time , and am using my knowledge of Biomedical & Life Science combined with Material Science to develop an ar tificial esophagus. I’m looking forward to seeing this improve the situation for real life patients. Project: Is this painting real? At University College Roosevelt I was able to combine my passion for Ar t Histor y with my interest in Material Science and Engineering. For my final Research Project, I wanted to tackle a real world problem. I’m using the electromicroscope to investigate pigments in old paintings to tr y and determine whether these pigments would have been used at the time . This can help identify fakes. ARTS & HUMANITIES Antiquity & Archaeology Ar t Histor y Film, Theater and Media Studies Histor y Linguistics Literature Musicology Music Performance Philosophy Religious Studies Rhetoric & Argumentation ENGINEERING Data Sciece & Ar tificial Intelligence Electronics Energy and Flow Sustainable Materials Interdisciplinar y Projects SOCIAL SCIENCE Anthropology Economics Human Geography Law Politics and International Relations Psychology Research Methodology & Statistics Sociology SCIENCE Biomedical Science Chemistr y Cognitive Science Computer Science Ear th Science Environmental Science Life Science Mathematics Physics Premedical Program Discover your passions, build your own curriculum, choose from the following: Become par t of a close-knit community of 600 students and 80 faculty Put together your own curriculum from close to 40 different disciplines Live in guaranteed and affordable housing for the duration of your studies Join a highly international university (65%) with more than 60 nationalities Explore what Middelburg, the Netherlands and Europe have to offer “ “ Project: Get the best food I’ve been working on finding ways to use drones to improve all kinds of agricultural processes. Think about checking fruit quality while it is still on the tree , but also being able to strategically put pesticides only on the plants that need it. My project incorporates aspects of Motion Planning, Computer Science , Ar tificial Intelligence and Robotics, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. I also need to consider Economics and Ethics as technological development influences real people and society. “