September 2023

51 50 COLLEGEADMISSIONS.UCHICAGO.EDU Careers in Computer Science Offered by the Office of Career Advancement, the Careers in Computer Science program prepares students for graduate school opportunities and successful careers in software engineering, data science, technical product management, and related fields. Students benefit from the University’s resources and faculty expertise in artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, and quantum computing. UChicago’s Computer Science graduates go on to launch impactful careers at top organizations and pursue advanced studies around the world. In recent years, 84% of graduating computer science students went into industry and 16% into graduate school. Build Your Skills To help students refine their skills and demonstrate their talents to employers, Careers in Computer Science organizes a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including internships, competitions, recruiting forum speed networking events, and Career Exploration Week immersion experiences for new first-year students. Meet Employers and Visit Top Tech Markets In addition to the rapidly growing tech sector in Chicago, Careers in Computer Science offers career “treks” to connect students with employers throughout the U.S. and around the world. These treks bring students to leading tech destinations such as Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Shenzhen, and Tel Aviv. Machine Learning An interdisciplinary specialization track and research area, UChicago CS studies all levels of machine learning and artificial intelligence, from theoretical foundations to applications in climate, data analysis, graphics, healthcare, networks, security, social sciences, and interdisciplinary scientific discovery. Researchers explore the next generation of learning methods, including machine teaching, human-centered AI, applications in language, and image processing. With colleagues across the UChicago campus, the department also examines the considerable societal impacts and ethical questions of AI and machine learning, to ensure that the potential benefits of these approaches are not outweighed by their risks. COLLEGEADMISSIONS.UCHICAGO.EDU