September 2023

31 30 Find yourself, push yourself, be yourself. Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management Sam’s Advice On How To Get Started in AI Then you must start doing. The fastest way to learn is by doing. A course can give you an overview but ultimately you only understand something once you’ve done it yourself. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that you know what you’re doing. There will still be much more to learn. Watch Grant Sanderson’s 3Blue1Brown videos. Watch Linear Algebra and then Neural Networks. It’s important to watch his linear algebra series before doing anything. DO NOT SKIP IT. These will give you an informative yet entertaining explanation of a neural network, or in other words, AI. Get GPT-4 and Visual Studio Code. Then ask Chat CPT4 to help you install Visual Studio Code (VS Code). This is a source-code editor where you do coding, and VS code is the most popular code editor for a variety of programs and languages. Get GPT-4 to create you a course to learn python. Ask Chat GPT4, to create a course for you. You can ask it to create a syllabus, tell it how long you have to learn, e.g. six months, and to create a daily lesson plan to reach your goal in that time frame. Work through the course. Get GPT-4 to ask you questions, and show you the answers. Be sure to clarify anything you don’t understand e.g. ask it to comment on exactly what each step does. You can ask it so explain at different levels e.g. explain it as if I am a beginner. What you need to really start learning AI is a strong foundation in linear algebra and maybe some vector calculus. If you can learn some statistics, then you have more than enough to get started. After that, it’s about learning to code in Python and there are loads of resources for doing this. Basically, you have to get to the point where you can start to understand and implement research papers.