September 2023

25 24 From Campus to the World: The Freedom to Choose SHL students benefit from the free choice of company and destination for their internships. This flexibility empowers students to explore the world during their studies, enabling them to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, gain insights into varied hospitality practices, and get to know different businesses. These experiences not only enrich their education but also provide valuable insights into potential career paths, helping them make informed decisions about their future work preferences. Whether it's working at a luxury resort in the Swiss Alps or experiencing the vibrant hospitality scene in Asia, SHL students have the opportunity to customise their internships to align with their career goals and personal interests. Also, the practical internships help students put their learning into action, Learning by Doing: SHL's Practical Approach At SHL, students are not just confined to classrooms and textbooks. They are actively engaged in gaining practical experience right from day one. The institution boasts an educational restaurant on campus which serves as a training ground where students can hone their culinary and service excellence skills. Moreover, SHL's management classes are designed with an applicationoriented approach. Students delve into case studies and simulations that mirror real industry scenarios, empowering them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical challenges. This unique blend of academic rigour and hands-on experience ensures that SHL graduates are well-prepared to excel in the practical internships that follow the school semesters - and in the ever-changing world of hospitality. «PRACTICAL INTERNSHIPS GIVE YOU THE CHANCE TO LEARN ABOUT OTHER CULTURES, CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND BUILD A GLOBAL NETWORK.» Lukas, SHL Student SHL students Lukas (picture on the left) and Fabiana expanding their networks and making new friends during their practical internships. Comprehensive Support for Student Internships While SHL students relish the freedom to select their internships, the institution offers proactive assistance in securing the ideal placement. SHL has fostered an extensive global network of industry partners, affording students access to a wide-ranging array of internship opportunities in Switzerland and abroad. These partners actively promote their openings on SHL's online job market and periodically visit the SHL campus, engaging with students during career days. Moreover, personal coaching is available to accompany and support students in their career decisions. This comprehensive system ensures that students have the resources and guidance they need to make the most of their practical internships and launch their careers successfully. allowing them to see the connections between the different subjects they've studied. It's not just about mastering individual skills; it's about understanding how these skills integrate to create exceptional guest experiences and successful businesses. And a clear plus of the paid internships: students not only gain valuable insights into working life, they also earn their own money. «THE INTERNSHIPS GIVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET A TASTE OF DIFFERENT COMPANIES, WHICH HELPS ME DECIDE WHERE I WANT TO WORK IN THE FUTURE.» Focus on Practice - the Bridge to Future Success Studies have consistently shown that students who gain work experience during their studies are more employable after graduation and obtain higher starting salaries. According to the LinkedIn Opportunity Index, an overwhelming 82% of hiring managers and an impressive 91% of talent professionals consider internships to be a pivotal factor when evaluating a candidate's employability. Employers view internship experiences as a reliable indicator of a candidate's readiness for the workforce. In conclusion, the importance of gaining practical work experience during your studies cannot be overstated, especially in fields like hospitality management. SHL's emphasis on practice equips students with the skills, confidence, and industry-specific knowledge that employers value, as well as the tools they need to succeed in their future careers. With the commitment to real-world learning, SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern empowers its students to thrive in a competitive global industry. SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern is one of the two original Swiss hotel management schools in Switzerland and offers a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management which is accredited by the Swiss federal government and recognised worldwide as well as the Swiss Diploma «Dipl. Hotelier(e)- Gastronom(in) HF». Fabiana, SHL Student Join SHL student Olivia on her practical internship at the luxurious Bürgenstock Hotels & Resorts, Switzerland. > __