September 2023

STUDENT OPINION PIECES CONTENTS Navigating New Frontiers By Jessica Herr What Teens Really Think About Using AI By Riley Zimmerman Jr Why ChatGPT Doesn’t Interest Me By David Li Algorithms Can TheyChange Your Mind? By Matthew Yu Friendship 2.0 By Victoria Deckard Can You Tell When It Is Written By AI? By Cynthia Zhang SPOTLIGHTS BOCCONI UNIVERSITY MCPHS LEIDEN UNIVERSITY SHL LUCERNE EHL IE UNIVERSITY BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA BISHOP’S UNIVERSITY HKUST HELPFUL TIPS Features How AI Can Be Used To Advocate For Social Equity How Hannah Flitman used Ai to uncovering systemic bias in order to fight for social equity. Studying a Bachelor’s Degree in AI Samarth Bhatia’s reflections on studying AI as a major in his Bachelor Degree. AI: A Catalyst For Chemical Engineering We spoke to Sam Andersson who recently explored the intersection of AI and Chemical Engineering. How Engineering Led To A Masters In AI Paul Gailey, studying his Masters of Data Science shares his journey into the world of AI. 6 12 17 22 30 32 38 44 48 54 58 66 70 Step by step instructions for students wanting to get started on learning about AI in high school 31 Quick learning modules on AI from EPFL 74 Here are some AI activities that you could complete to add to your resume 75 “I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted.” - Alan Turing 4 10 11 17 22 30