April 2023

COLLEGEADMISSIONS.UCHICAGO.EDU Green Careers Climate and energy are critical issues facing all industries and sectors—from for-profit businesses to advocacy organizations, to governments at all levels. For undergrads seeking to develop their professional goals and aspirations in climate and energy, the Office of Career Advancement offers the UChicago Climate and Energy Careers program: a multi-industry career preparation track focused on energy, climate change, and more! Key programs in the track include: Energize Energize is UChicago’s largest networking event for students and employers with a distinct focus on energy, climate, and sustainability. Students can learn about career pathways focused on climate, energy, and the environment through networking with alumni and employers. Green Data Program The Green Data Program is an early engagement program for first and second-year students to accelerate their professional development at the nexus of data, public policy, and climate change. Clean Energy Track The Clean Energy Track is an interactive program designed to foster exploration into clean energy career pathways. This program immerses students in the theory and practice of innovative advancements in physical sciences and engineering disciplines, with a focus on battery storage and electric vehicles. Sustainable Research: The Environmental Frontiers Campus at the Mansueto Institute The Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation—UChicago’s hub for urban science—offers programs and research opportunities for students interested in cities and sustainable urban development. The Institute’s Environmental Frontiers Campus research projects train undergraduates to use UChicago campus data as a case study for understanding a path to a more sustainable future: the projects help students craft research inquiries, effectively define a scope for data analysis, and use rigorous quantitative methods to determine a set of viable recommendations. Past EFCampus research projects produced tree ecosystem analyses, water conservation assessments, and energy efficiency evaluations of UChicago’s labs and LEED-certified buildings. “In the Midwest, it’s easy to forget that everyday existence is inextricably tied to our watersheds, and projects like this one remind us how important water is to our ecosystems, communities, and institutions.” Ruby R., third-year economics and environment, geography, and urbanization double major COLLEGEADMISSIONS.UCHICAGO.EDU “It was gratifying to hand over a polished report containing attainable recommendations for the University as well as all of the necessary information for students to continue our research in the future.” Jasmina S., third-year mathematics major and statistics minor