April 2023

From our environmental studies majors with specialization tracks in policy and urban environments, to dedicated sustainability research opportunities in the US and abroad, to career preparation programs focused on climate and energy careers, the University of Chicago is a prime destination for students interested in the environment and sustainable urban development. COLLEGEADMISSIONS.UCHICAGO.EDU UChicago’s Environment, Geography, and Urbanization Major The Environment, Geography, and Urbanization major prepares students to understand and confront the wide-ranging societal, historical, and spatial dimensions of contemporary planetary environmental crises, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and other forms of large-scale socio-environmental transformation. The curriculum emphasizes multiple theoretical approaches to urban environmental studies and sustainable urbanism; energy histories and geographies; environmental economics; environmental humanities; spatial and environmental data visualization; and environmental policy, design, and practice. During the fall, students have the option to take their environmental studies to Germany for the “Berlin: Conflict, Community, and Sustainability” study abroad program. The program introduces students to topics in urban planning—including housing, conservation, urban design, and transportation—and focuses on the lived experiences of current Berlin residents and related political questions around community and the environment.