April 2023

At the star t of the 20th centur y there were fewer than 2 billion people. Now at over 7 billion, Ear th’s population is on target to reach 8 billion by 2027. Building Knowledge for a Better World How has this dramatic increase in human population impacted Earth’s life support systems and natural resources? How should we understand the meaning of sustainability? How do we achieve a sustainable society where ever y human and animal can prosper? How do environmental issues disproportionately impact communities with high poverty? How does a focus on climate justice help effectively address environmental problems? These are ver y big questions and ver y complex topics to cover. The Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges Bachelor’s programme at Leiden University College in The Hague, The Netherlands operates at the forefront of the field where these complex societal issues from the 21st centur y are tackled. The international honours college of Leiden University aims to build knowledge for a better world, through a community that is focused on societal impact. LUC focusses on the Global Challenges of the 21st centur y : Sustainability, Diversity, Prosperity and, Peace and Justice. Global Challenges are unavoidable issues facing humanity and the planet. They cannot be solved by one nation, institution or organisation alone. In this interdisciplinar y 3- year bachelor’s programme you learn to analyze, understand and respond to these issues with a balance between understanding key concepts within a classroom setting, and applying the gained knowledge and skills in real-life situations. About Leiden University College The Hague 6 interdisciplinar y Majors 10 times winner top-rated programme 50 different nationalities 1 Residential college in The Hague, The Netherlands 4 Global Challenges 600 students at LUC in total Get to know us on lucthehague.nl