April 2023

$425K+ CAMPUS SUSTAINAB I LIT Y FUNDS AWARDE D I N 2021 -22 65,000+ METR IC TONS OF CARBON DIOXI DE MITIGATE D T H A N K S TO R E N E WA B L E E N E R GY U S E O N C A M P U S 2040 GOAL YE AR FOR ACH I E VI NG CARBON NEUTR ALIT Y At the Universit y of Arizona, we have a vision for the future – and we want you to be par t of it . We’re commit ted to being a leader in sustainabilit y and climate ac tion. As a Wildcat , you’ll create solutions that address global challenges and f ind new ways to protec t our planet . PAINTING PA RED, BLUE, AND GREEN THE FUTURE THE F Dynnika Tso, a student majoring in public health with an emphasis on environmental health, is president of American Indian Student Initiatives. This studentrun organization helped install solar panels throughout Navajo Nation, providing clean and renewable energy to families. EXPLORE DEGREE PROGRAMS Whether you seek to understand the natural world or oversee environmental policies, we have a variety of programs to help you achieve your goals. environment.arizona.edu/findyourenvironment