April 2022

Management Professor Anthony Klotz at A&M University was someone who noticed the record-breaking number of people around the world quitting their jobs during the pandemic. He said it is because they asked themselves, “Am I living the life I want to live?”. So this issue is dedicated to helping you consider what makes you happy and what gives you purpose because we believe everyone deserves a career they love. We showcase people who made the decision to take a leap of faith and turn their passion into a profession. They decided that they wanted to set their own priorities and take charge of their lives, doing what they find most fulfilling. Read how DJ Gil Glaze went from DJing at school discos to performing at Madison Square Garden, and how Frankie’s dislike of being told what to do to motivated her to become a successful artist and entrepreneur. Learn how Antonia’s Gap year changed her life and inspired her to start educate, a nonprofit university scholarship organization to empower youth in Honduras. Both Jayce and Livi became successful visual storytellers and founded their own production companies, but got there in very different ways. Jayce’s desire to tell stories in his distinctive style, and Livi’s work on-set as a stunt person, were what set each of them on their pathways. Xhanthi’s self taught artistic skills and willingness to say yes to challenges, and Robin’s combination of a degree in fashion with entrepreneurial ideas, saw them both become successful entrepreneurs. A common thread runs through their stories. Each was willing to take calculated risks. Even when it was scary, they were not too afraid to seize opportunities. We hope you will find inspiration in their real-life experiences, and work hard to identify, develop, and share your passions. Investing time into growing your knowledge and skills in an area you are most interested in will help you excel. We hope you identify your talents and think about what you really find important. Don’t be afraid to define your own success and start planning your pathway to get there. It will help you develop the career you dream about. That way your job will be anything but a boring 9-5. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Build yourself a bright future