April 2023

Don’t be afraid to share an order. If you know a restaurant has large por tions, ask for an extra plate and split an order between two people. 55% of people don’t ask to take restaurant lef tovers home. You can easily reduce food waste by asking to take your restaurant lef tovers with you. . Fruits and vegetables that are overripe may not look great, but can still be delicious in smoothies. Have some fun creating nutritious and tasty smoothie recipes. Today ’s wilting veggies and veggie scraps are per fect for tomorrow’s soups and stocks. 90% of people throw out food that is still good. The USDA says that food (not infant formula) past its date is of ten still good. If it is has been stored properly and you can’t see signs of spoilage, use your senses to figure out what is still usable. Share a Plate Love Your Lef tovers Make Soups & Smoothies Think Before You Throw Using your freezer will save you time and money. Freeze foods you don’t have time to eat or use now, or when you make a double batch. Be sure to wrap things properly so they don’t get freezer burn, and label items with dates. Freeze Your Food Each month, 4 4% of Americans find food they forgot was in the fridge. To help with this, add new items to the back of the fridge, so the older ones are used first . Organize Your Fridge 6 simple tips to try Composting food waste creates far fewer emissions than food breaking down in landfills.