April 2023

FEATURES CONTENTS Fighting Food Waste Some of the facts about food waste, and some ways you can help Electric Vehicles - Will You Drive One? How EVs will be part of your cleaner, more sustainable future Cocoa Beans - Stop Modern Slavery How your consumer choices can help save people and the planet The Fashion Dilemma Have you thought of how you can cut carbon emissions from your closet? SPOTLIGHTS UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA MCPHS LEIDEN UNIVERSITY Leiden University College The Hague BOCCONI UNIVERSITY SHL LUCERNE IE UNIVERSITY BISHOP’S UNIVERSITY BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY DICKINSON COLLEGE RUTGERS UNIVERSITY SUSTAINABILITY TIPS Easy tips you can try to help fight food waste. 22 Interested in learning more around sustainability? Here are some activities that you could complete and add to your resume. 67 6 10 14 24 26 30 36 44 48 56 60 64 What the term actually means, and how changing the way we think and learn can have an impact on our world 2