April 2022

‘People who study anthropolog y tr y to understand why people do what they do. Anthropologists question ever ything; no subject is too “out there”. I think it’s great that you can have such good conversations about the world and social issues such as gender and sexuality, and that ever yone dares to talk about them. ‘I’ve always been an avid photographer. In my third year at university, Leidsch Dagblad, the local newspaper, was looking for seven Cultural Anthropolog y students who wanted to be city photographers for a year. I photographed young people who had unique stories: homosexuality, someone with foster parents, a young DJ on his way to the top, and so on. ‘Thanks to a partnership between Leiden University and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, I’ve taken several photography courses. I think it’s very cool that you get oppor tunities to develop outside your studies, and I think it was quite unique that I was able to take art courses there.’ Wilke Geurds Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology Lucas Bakker African Studies Elaine Herkul Psychology Veronica Conte Alumnus International Relations and Organisations ‘You can go in many directions with African Studies. Many people go to work for the government or in education.That really appeals to me. I can now envision working with refugees as an interpreter, for example for the government or an NGO.’ ‘When I graduate, I can go in many directions. You can go in the clinical direction and become a psychologist or research how the brain works. But you can also help companies to function better. I enjoy planning a study from scratch, researching it and drawing conclusions based on data. I think it would be cool to improve research and make it more reliable.’ ‘I’m currently an intern at the Dominican Institute of Integral Development in the Dominican Republic, where I write projects to apply for international and national calls for funding. I also support the department of social promotion with ongoing projects, field trips, systematising information and managing logistics. My deg ree broadened my view on international cooperation. It has given me a complete perspective on what I’m doing and why I want to do it.’ African Studies Archaeolog y Arts, Media and Society Cultural Anthropolog y and Development Sociolog y Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Dutch Studies English Language and Culture International Studies Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges Linguistics Philosophy : Global and Comparative Perspectives Political Science: International Relations and Organisations Psycholog y Security Studies South and Southeast Asian Studies Urban Studies Leiden University offers 16 English-taught bachelor’s programmes Interested and want more information? Experience Leiden University online Take a virtual tour, attend a virtual event or chat with a student. F i nd ou t mo re Cont a c t u s